Tips for choosing the perfect wedding ceremony venue


One of the first things that you probably think about when planning a wedding is the wedding ceremony venue. After all, it is where it will all happen, right? It needs to be just perfect. But with all the different wedding spots all over, it can be difficult to know where to start.

It is important for you and your partner to agree on it. You want to choose a special venue that you will both keep in a nice memory.

To make it easier, we’ve made a selection of 5 criteria that can help you when searching for that perfect venue for your special day.


Somewhere special

This is the first (obvious) choice. If you and your partner share a special memory of a certain place, then why not go with it.

It could be your family garden, a river bank, a restaurant or a church you always go to. If you both have a special venue in mind, then that’s most likely the perfect spot to throw your wedding ceremony. It will just create more unforgettable memories.


Good photo opportunities

You will be looking at your wedding photos for years to follow. A good photographer, lovely outfits and make up make a big part of it. But the background of the photos can bring out the beauty of it all. Great lighting, a beautiful nature backdrop or a subtly decorated wedding hall will surely make for amazing photos. Keep in mind what kind of photos of your wedding you’d like when choosing the venue. With so many cell phone cameras there will be many photos and you want them to be just perfect.


Budget friendly

Weddings come with many costs as it is. Talk with your partner about all the costs and how much you can pay for the wedding itself. Then break it down to what you’re willing to pay for each item. Then you will see what your budget for renting the venue is. It will be easier to find something if you know your budget.

Don’t forget that you’ll have to decorate the venue and rent the furniture as well. Some venues have this cost included and other places charge it separately. Consider this during your search as well.


Number of guests

What and where you book really depends on how many guests you’re inviting. If it’s a small wedding, then search for something private and subtle. If you’re having a big wedding, then a bigger venue, like a hotel, would be more appropriate. And easier to accommodate a big number of people.

You have to also consider that if you’re having out of town guests, they’ll need to sleep somewhere. Renting a venue at a hotel could give you discounts on the guest rooms as well. And the proximity of the venue to the room could hardly be better than in a hotel.




Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Venue

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