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Are you looking for the perfect wedding caterer in Ottawa? Look no further than Centurion Catering Ottawa. It is part of the award winning Centurion Conference & Events Center, where you will find an excellent value and first-class service for your wedding.

Finding a reliable caterer for a wedding can be quite a hassle. With all the different things that you need to deal with when planning a wedding, you want to make sure you have chosen a trustworthy catering service provider. They should take care of all the food and beverage related issues and plan things in accordance with your wishes – and Centurion Catering Ottawa does just that.

Years of experience

Centurion Catering Ottawa pride in over 20 years’ experience in providing exquisite catering events in the greater Ottawa area. They are rated among the best in the city for providing a superior off-site and in-house catering experience. Aside from ensuring high-quality food and top notch service, they also provide different packages to cater to all your needs. This includes an express service, which guarantees a full-service offsite catering!

Their abundant experience and awards prove they are able to accommodate your and your guests’ wishes and please all taste buds and preferences.

Flexible full-service

Centurion Catering Ottawa takes care of everything – from complete food preparation to delivering the food to your venue with their own truck. Furthermore, their quality food is served by very experienced and highly professional staff.

You can choose from a wide selection of packages and they are also flexible in personalizing the menus in order to reflect any cultural traditions or themes. And aside from cold catered options, they even offer hot catered foods!


If you would like your wedding catering to be done by an experienced and reliable caterer, do not hesitate to contact Centurion Catering Ottawa here. They will assist you in planning, coordinating and budgeting of all your wedding catering needs.


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