Dolci Fiori Wedding Cakes Kingston Wedding

Elizabetta Salvoni, who owns and operates Dolci Fiori, has for the last 19 years developed and refined the art of wedding cake decoration with sugar, garnering several awards.

The cakes are all baked from scratch, using only the finest natural ingredients, following traditional European recipes.

The cream filling between the layers of cake are made with the highest quality Donini Chocolate, and with real liqueurs and fruit purees. The cakes are then covered with a smooth sugar fondant, which can be molded into incredibly complex folds, drapes and decorations.

Elisabetta’s first love, is creating beautiful and realistic bouquets of sugar or cold-porcelain flowers to place on the cakes as the ultimate decorative touch. All the flowers, fruits and berries in her portfolio are hand-made and hand-painted, some bouquets taking as long as 60 hours to finish.. Handled with care, fragile sugar and cold-porcelain creations can last a life-time.