How to take care of wedding guest accommodation


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You’ve invited everyone to your wedding, you’ll take care of the F&B, but where should they all sleep? Should you take care of it all or is that the guests’ responsibility? This is a hard nut to crack, especially if you have many out of town guests. But here are a few tips and ideas to help you out with this problem:


Can my home be a hotel?

If you have a very big house and friends or family that you are REALLY close to, then this is a possible accommodation option. But before you send any open house invitations, make sure to think it through and talk with your partner about it. In the hectic days before the wedding there’s really no need for that cousin who can’t clean up after themselves in the kitchen, now is there?


Arrange a good hotel deal

Even if you live in a mansion, you cannot accommodate everyone. Most of your guests will have to stay in other accommodation. But you can be a friendly host, go the extra mile and organize cheap accommodation possibilities for your guests.

Do some research and contact hotels in your area about group discounts. You should be able to get a good deal for a bigger number of rooms. Depending on how popular of a season you’re getting married in, you will have to confirm the exact number of guests sooner or later. Make sure you let your guests know their options, the price and when the booking deadline is. The rest is up to them – they can either take the offer or search on their own!


Offer to help with the search

You could nicely avoid too much hassle of searching for discounts by letting the guests know that you are more than happy to assist them in finding accommodation, should they require your help. Most of them will surely be able to find their own rooms within their desired price range with the help of online booking systems. And you can just take care of the few who might need your assistance anyway.


Information email

To be even nicer to your out of town guests, you can send out emails with tourist information about your town and a map of accommodation providers. You could describe your and your partner’s favorite eat-outs and spots around the city along with a list of accommodation possibilities.


Organize a shuttle

In order to help your guests getting to the venue easier, organize a shuttle from a few pickup points around the city, like main train or bus station. This way the guests can choose a hotel of their choice or even arrive and leave with public transportation on the day of the wedding. And you don’t have to worry about their sleeping arrangement.



The most troublesome of all the questions – who pays for it all? You have to discuss this with your partner and see what the budget is. There’s no rule about you paying for accommodation and if it isn’t within your budget, don’t stress about it.

The guests will be happy to enjoy your special day and be there with you! A nice small gift in return could be a nice gesture for them coming all the way, though.

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